Best Trail Mapping Resources for Planning Off road Routes

If you are anything Like me, of running the best aspect is getting out in the wonderful outdoors in the fresh air and alongside nature. If you live in a city Or any built up area, this is sometimes hard. For planning road Apps like maps, Paths are fine, but how do you plan routes that are off-road? How do you know which mud tracks are footpaths and that the men and women who live there only make? You might get into all sorts of trouble if you are not in the know! The key is using Ordinance survey maps (OS maps) here as they are produced in conjunction with local councils and records all of the proper public rights of way.

Bike hike

This is my personal favorite. Bike hike includes one Google satellite map two screens, and yet another OS map. The thing is that if your mouse cursor is over the OS map, it is going to exhibit its position in the Google map. This is terrific for paths since it is possible to plot a path but it will appear on the Google map, so that you can see if there is a route that is worn there, making navigation easier.

OS Get map

This Website is owned by Ordinance Survey is. The reason why I like this website is that you is handy for when you need only a little more detail into your paths, and can zoom in further than any other OS map have found whilst maintaining the public rights of way observable. You can create routes and download them in KML and GPX.

The Hug Maps

The functionality of This website is extremely similar to osgetamap and bikehike and together you’d do fine for course planning purposes Dynamische rittenplanning. The reason why I like this website is for its large area. If I’m performing an ultra, or some long race, I clearly carry a map, but rather than wrestling with a complete size OS landranger kind monstrosity, I could plot my path on here, have a screenshot, then print it out on a more conveniently sized sheet of A4, or even smaller. The technique is to plan your route on osgetamap or bikehike, download the document for KML or a GPX, then upload it to this website.

Google Street View on Google Earth

We use this more as a Reassurance tool when it comes to planning routes that are new. though they are clear on OS maps, entrances to footpaths can get overgrown, in even, or city walls farmer’s driveways. What I do is save it is a KML create my path in bikehike and upload into Google earth.