All About Safety Glasses Singapore

The safety glasses Singapore portrays all eye protection requirements close to home. Safety glasses to DIN EN 166 consist of a box and focal points, which are organized in the attached standards into safety focal points and focal points with a filter effect.

Clamor EN 169 – Filters for welding and related techniques

Concerning the exceptional product requirements for eye protection, the EN 169 standard characterizes the protection levels and transmittance requirements for focal point filters intended to protect representatives. Weld filters must be permanently separated at the edge. The first number alludes to the protection class of safety glasses singapore Depending on the methodology, higher electrical currents require higher protection classes according to DIN EN 169.

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Noise EN 170 – Ultraviolet filters

As part of the standards for unique product requirements, the DIN EN 170 standard characterizes the protection levels and transmittance requirements for ultraviolet filters. If the focal point of the eye is exposed to ultraviolet light for a very long time, it can lose its transparency, possibly causing visual impairment or visual distress. The focal points of safety glasses according to EN 170, therefore, meet the execution requirements to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation during unsafe activities. Unlike welding filters according to EN 169, UV filters are not suitable for taking a look at electrical curves, directly or indirectly.

Noise EN 172 – Sunshine filters for industrial use

The EN 172 noise is an extraordinary standard for personal eye protection and describes the actual properties required of the filters used to reduce sun glare in industrial use. These properties incorporate, for example, mechanical and optical characteristics and requirements of sun protection filters. To use sun protection filters in industrial use, the general requirements for individual eye protection according to DIN EN 166 must be met. Depending on the area of ​​use, sun protection filters according to DIN EN 172 can be used as filters in glasses or as individual filters.