Tips for packing your things while moving

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Are you thinking of shifting to another part of the town or another town? Though you are excited to begin a new phase of life, the shifting will not be a breeze, especially with all the packing and moving. It’s not easy to pack all your memories and life that easily. If you haven’t done that before, you have a challenging task ahead.

You cannot randomly pick whatever comes to your hand; bundle them up into sacks, and send them to your new location. It will take a lot of organization, meticulous planning, and clean execution. The first step is to find carton boxes for moving house singapore. And how to organize things into them, let us understand from this article.

How to Pack

A well-laid-out plan is half executed. Therefore, plan before you start executing.

  • First, start with a room, finish it and then move to the next room.
  • Always keep the essential ones like kitchen and bathroom for last and finish off other rooms leaving out a few essentials that could fit in your suitcase, where you will be carrying all the valuables.
  • In all rooms, organize and compactly pack light-weighted things like clothes, drapery, or empty plastic bottles into more giant boxes and heavier ones in small boxes; therefore, it is easier to carry.
  • Also, maintain separate boxes for delicate and breakable items.
  • Label the boxes and maintain a list of the names of the items that go in the labeled box.


Follow these simple steps, and you are good to go. Remember to have various sizes of carton boxes for moving to Singapore. Organize heavier and lighter stuff separately and make sure to pack compactly. It can be an emotional time when packing all your stuff, but be pragmatic and finish the task at hand.